CastleBranch Bridges Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy describes how Castle Branch, Inc. ("Castle Branch") may collect, store and use personal information. By accessing and using the CastleBranch Brides Software and website (including all websites located at or within the URL www.cbbridges.com), you certify you have read, understand and agree to the Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you are a Licensee of the Software, a registered account ("Account") holder, or any other user of the Software ("User"). The Software is owned and operated by Castle Branch, and Castle Branch reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Privacy Policy at any time without further notice. If a Licensee or User does not agree to this or any further Privacy Policy, Licensee or User shall not use or access (or continue to use or access) the Software.

1. By accessing and using the Software, Licensee and Users hereby agree that Castle Branch may collect and use personal information, including Licensee's and Users' names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses ("Personal Information"). Castle Branch will not disclose or share any Personal Information except for the limited purposes stated herein.

2. Castle Branch may disclose Personal Information to its affiliates, vendors, and subcontractors that provide services on behalf of Castle Branch for the purposes of carrying out the services contemplated in this Agreement or any applicable Subscription Agreement.

3. Personal Information may be used to send announcements, software updates, and promotional information regarding Castle Branch and the Software, including but not limited to, important updates and modifications to this Agreement and other terms and conditions. Personal Information may also be used to improve and develop the products and services of Castle Branch.

4. Castle Branch may use Personal Information for internal purposes such as auditing and data analysis.

5. As with most software, Castle Branch may collect certain information, including but not limited to, when the Software is accessed, IP addresses, URL requests, and browser type. Castle Branch may also store information known as "cookies" on User's computers, which is used by Castle Branch for record-keeping purposes. A Licensee or User has the right to configure his or her browser to accept or reject all or some cookies or notify a browser user when a cookie is set.

6. Any use or access to the Software by anyone under the age of 13 is prohibited and in violation of this Agreement. By accessing and using the Software, each User represents that the User is at least 13 years old. Users who are at least 13 years old but under the age of 18 may only use and access the Software with the consent of such User’s parent or legal guardian.

7. Castle Branch reserves the right in its sole discretion to change, modify, or otherwise revise this Agreement. If Castle Branch intends to use or disclose Licensee's or Users' Personal Information in a way that is materially different than the uses and disclosures stated herein then Castle Branch will make reasonable efforts to contact any applicable Users or Account holders.

8. Licensee and its Users understand and acknowledge that all Personal Information supplied to Castle Branch will be stored in and accessible from locations within the United States, for purposes of this Agreement, and may be subject to production or disclosure requirements by United States authorities in accordable with applicable United States laws.

9. Licensee agrees that Castle Branch and its affiliates (directly and through their contractors) shall have a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, right and license to use, modify, copy, and create derivative works of any data collected or stored with respect to or as a result of Licensee or Users' use of the Software for Castle Branch's internal business purposes and for purposes of creating reports, data products, papers, and analyses that may be provided to others, provided that such data does not identify Licensee or a specific User or any other individual by name without their consent.

10. Castle Branch takes the security of its Software and Personal Information seriously and take efforts to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of the Castle Branch systems. Please note that despite the efforts of Castle Branch, factors beyond its control may result in the disclosure of Personal Information or other User identifiable information. Accordingly, Castle Branch cannot guarantee that Personal Information will be secure under all circumstances and Castle Branch offers no warranties or representations with regards to the maintenance or non-disclosure of Personal Information or other User identifiable information. Licensee and all Users agree that Castle Branch shall not be liable, under any circumstance, and User, for and on behalf of User and User's heirs, successors, assigns, and legal representatives, and Licensee hereby forever releases and discharges Castle Branch from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, actions, and losses in any way related to or connected with any loss or disclosure of Personal Information or other User identifiable information.

11. Please contact Castle Branch if there are any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy, or if Licensee or any User wishes to access, update, or correct inaccuracies in any Personal Information stored by Castle Branch.